A tale I want to tell

In high school I belonged to a group called DECA. There was an administrator who was affectionally called ” Cababe” which was his last name. He gave 100% of effort the running of this club. He taught some business classes and helped his students get jobs in the community. I would go to school in the morning and then to work in the afternoons. Every year this group would take a trip and compete in different areas of busniess. I went on the trip to Boston in the late 1970’s. We stayed at the Sheriton Hotel right in Boston. One night a group of girls were waiting for the elevators when a bunch of Professional Basketball players were returning from their game and took over the elevators. Most of them were young, black men. Some of these players started talking to us. They asked if we wanted to go out with them tonight. Then he gave us his room number and told us to call him.  So we went back to our room and called! Like a bunch of stupid high school girls we invited him to our room. He then came over to our room. It was pass curfew and we got very nervous about having him in our room. Then Cababe came knocking on our door.  We were telling the guy to get under the bed…he was six foot seven inches..there was no way we could hide him.  So Cababe came in and told the guy to get out and then told us we had broken the rules and the principal of the school would be notified. He said we might all be kicked out of the club for this.  Basically, he was furious.  I don’t remember what happened when we got back to school. But a few years late I got a phone call from this pro basketball player and he wanted to meet up with me.  We planned this and had a nice evening together. I was not interested to date a black man and he was not happy about that. He was a really nice guy but I was certain it was not for me. It sure flattered me that a Professional basketball player was interested in this one girl from a little old town in NJ.

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Finally some rain!


We have been waiting for the spring showers and they have finally arrived! I have been able to get my garden weeded and soiled. The soaking rains today should help them alot more than then hose watering i have been giving them. It took this rainy day for me to finally get this blog thing set up. So April showers will hopefully bring May flowers.

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